barry portrait

"Goldstein's techniques bring forward a focused, case-study approach to complex international events. This humanizes these events, and helps us see them in the form of humane stories. Another aspect that humanizes these portraits is their connection with historical images. Goldstein's use of a profoundly dark background reflects Rembrandt's many portraits, as well as Caravaggio's preferences."
       MCLA Gallery 51, Humanity: Contemporary Art of the Humane Image, 2006

Barry Goldstein is a photographer specializing in portraiture and documentary themes. Originally trained as a physician and biophysicist, he is Associate Professor of Medical Humanities at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Visiting Professor of Humanities at Williams College, and Adjunct Professor of Humanism in Medicine at the NYU Medical School. He was the first Artist-in-Residence at the New York University Medical School on September 11, 2001, an experience that led to his collection Being There: Medical Student Morgue Volunteers Following 9/11. His most recent book Gray Land: Soldiers on War, is collection of portraits of, and interviews with soldiers in Iraq and at home. He regularly teaches photographic history and technique to physicians, medical students and undergraduates. He lectures and exhibits widely, and is a recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artists Grant in Photography. Barry lives in North Adams, Massachusetts.