Tony Huang (Delegate) and Kym Branch
 <br/>Temple, Texas Jodi Peacock 
<br/>Alternate Delegate
<br/>Atmore, Alabama Cody Hoefert
<br/>Alternate Delegate
<br/>Rock Rapids, Iowa Shelby and Kacie Wall
<br/>Kerens, Texas Dr Allen Johnson
<br/>Cedar Park, Texas Elaine Ervin and Sandy Crawford
<br/>Patriot Voices
<br/>Collierville, Tennessee Jake Turx
<br/>Hasidic journalist
<br/> Elaine Ridenour 
<br/>Republican Women of Coffee County
<br/>Enterprise, Alabama Elevila Giles
<br/>Alternate Delegate
<br/>Honolulu, Hawaii Rev. Robert E. Palisin 
<br/>Delegate, 8th District,
<br/>North Carolina Essie Patterson Kenny
<br/>Writesville Beach,
<br/>North Carolina Sidney and Rita Mathias
<br/>State Representative, 53rd District 
<br/>Arlington Heights, Illinois Tracy Bakefelt
<br/>Dundee, Oregon Donna Williams
<br/>Raleigh, North Carolina  Phyllis Schlafly,
<br/> Faith and Freedom Coalition rally.  Convention floor.
<br/>  Faith and Freedom Coalition rally.
<br/>  Senator Marco Rubio, R, Florida.
<br/>  Convention floor.
<br/>  Condoleezza Rice
<br/> prepares for her address.  Convention floor.
<br/>  Newt Gingrich
<br/> Faith and Freedom Coalition rally.  Gov. Chris Christie, R., N.J.
<br/>  Convention floor.
<br/>  Convention floor.